While you may not know about it, a gutter system plays a very important part in ensuring a dry basement. Downspouts and gutters are basically installed to direct melting snow and rainwater off your roofing and away from the foundation of your home. If the gutter system gets clogged or blocked with bird droppings, seeds, leaves or any other debris, water cannot drain and will sooner or later back up and then overflow your gutters.

When your gutters overflow, water will fall directly down against your house siding and against the foundation walls where it could work its way inside your home. As a matter of fact, overflowing water can cause rotting of your roof edges which results to expensive repairs. Even if your gutters do not overflow, still water trapped in your gutters gives a perfect place for mosquitoes to thrive. Those are just some of the good reasons why you must maintain a clean gutter system all the time.

Cleaning your gutters usually needs a ladder:

  • In order to get to higher grounds to clean your gutter system, you will be using a ladder. Safe use of the ladder is your top priority when cleaning your gutters.
  • Always put your ladder on a level and stable surface, and if possible, have somebody hold the ladder to ensure that it does not slip or stumble.
  • An extension ladder performs best because it can reach up above your roof line level. Put the extension ladder against your gutter system (ensure that the gutter does not get damaged by placing a piece of wood inside).
  • Safety Rules You Should Follow When Using a Ladder
  • Never work or climb on from the top 2 rungs.
  • Do not reach out too far to your right or left (ensure that your chest remains inside the sides of your ladder).

Cleaning Your Gutter System

We all know that gutter cleaning is a very messy task so you should be prepared and anticipate the situation. Wear sturdy, leather gloves in order to protect you from sharp objects and it is also a wise idea to secure your eyes by using safety glasses.

  • Begin by placing the ladder at a low portion of your gutter system, usually at your downspout, then scoop out the accumulation of bird droppings, seeds, twigs, and leaves. The gloves can protect you or you can also utilize a hand trowel or spade which fits inside your gutters.
  • Drop the collected debris on the ground while you are still working above or carry with you a plastic trash bin.
  • Work your way along your gutters from the low portion to the higher portion, always climb down and move your ladder, ensuring not to reach too farther.
  • The debris are the easiest things to get rid when it is damp, therefore, if it has not rained in a while and when you decide to clean your gutter system, spraying a little water with a garden hose would be a good idea to make your cleaning project a lot easier.