Outside and inside parts of that cars are very important so that it will work nicely and effectively. When you are giving care to the outside part like having a good color, auto window tinting denver, checking the side mirror, making sure that sound of it is smooth and many other things. But, you need to check as well the engine part and any internal component and parts of your vehicle. It will make the life span of your car even longer and long lasting. It included the timing belt of your vehicle. This one is places just below the timing cover and it is just to the front part of the car’s engine. It is made from very high-quality kind of rubber and of course it is combined with a nylon cord in its internal part.  


Car could have different types and classifications, there could be some vehicles that they don’t need a time belt and some could be totally needed. For smaller types and kinds of cars could have this timing belt and vehicles that tinier compartment for engine parts. For bigger capacity cars, they have a different automotive part like for example instead of a timing belt, they are installed with a chain like belt. From this concept, it is not made any more of rubber but with a steel or metal one. It is not a question that a timing metal chain could last longer and the life span is better compared with the rubber timing belt. 

Figuring out the timing belt if it is broken and damage or not could be very hard to identify by a common and ordinary person. It is needing an inspection coming from those people who are experts and professional about the engine of the cars. Here are some of the tips for you to know if you need a mechanic to check and possible replace all the broken parts with a new one.  

  • Engine’s noise which is not ordinary to hear: Since, a timing belt is connected and working with other part like the cam shaft and of course to the pully getting to the crank of the engine and many things to undergo, by the time that is begins to wear out, it will produce and make a very strange sound like ticking one. It is one thing that you need to know as well that maybe this is one of the signs that there is a low pressure to the oil part of the engine and having no good amount of lubrication. Don’t try to fic it by yourself, seek a professional mechanic to evaluate the performance of your car. It is better to be safe than not.  
  • It is also another sign is that leaking of fuel or oil from the front part of your engine’s motor. It could be about a gasket there that connects between a blocking engine and timing cover. Improper installation and not so much knowledge about installation of it could result to a bad to damage to your car.