Window Tinting

Window tinting has lots of benefits if you live in the countryside, but cities where lots of vehicles can be found benefit a lot from it. One of these cities is Mesa, a city in Phoenix Arizona where it is known for the different museum, parks, and exhibits, reasons why people love traveling and driving in this city. Window tinting is not just about enhancing your car’s aesthetics, but also consider lots of benefits. If you are planning to give your car a service of window tinting in Mesa AZ, here are some of the answers for the frequently asked questions about it: 

1. What is a window tint? 

Window tint is a multi-layered thin film in a polyester material that blocks UV light, heat, and glare from entering your car. This comes from different shades and percentage levels depending on your car needs. Percentage levels refer to the amount of light that allows coming through the tint.  

2. What are the benefits of window tint? 

There are several benefits of window tint, but its major benefits are UV protection, safety, security, privacy, aesthetics, and energy savings. 

3. What does tint percentage level mean? 

Tint percentage means light transmission. It is the amount of light that is allowed to enter through your car windows. The lower the tint percentage level, the darker it gets. 

4. How durable is window tint? 

Window tint let window have its maximum durability. This means that the car is less vulnerable from having damages in road debris and get scratched through branches and extreme weathers for it was scratch-resistant. 

5. How long does it take to tint my car? 

The span of time does your car to get window tinting in Mesa AZ varies from the car type. A complete car takes from two to four hours. A full-sized truck takes about an hour to two. However, if you only want to have your car’s two front doors, this only takes less than an hour. 

6. Why newly tinted windows look hazy? 

This is just normal and temporary upon installation process. The hazy look is actually a moisture remains between tint and the windows itself. When adhesives completely stick in, the moisture in the film evaporates. This can take up to several days, but cases vary on weather conditions. Window tint dries fast in hot weather, while cool and cloudy weather slows the evaporation process. 

7. What should I use to clean my tinted windows? 

Cleaning via car washing services if fine, but when you want to clean your own, using a window car cleaner without ammonia, a soft cloth or rubber squeegee can save your cleaning process. If you want to use DIY cleaning solutions, you can use vinegar, water, and soap just make sure it’s non-abrasive and ammonia-free.  

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